Will “Crazy Warriors” bring down McGregor – Khabib?

Crazy warrior” Justin Gaethje recently made Tony Ferguson – one of the monuments of UFC village defeated. Will the next victim be more popular names?

Justin Gaethje has started his MMA career since 2011. The boxer, “The Highlight”, has only moved to UFC since July 2017, with Michael Johnson winning by technical knockout in the third half.

In total 23 times in the upper stage, only once he beat up to the fourth quarter, that is when he lost to “Diamond” Dustin Poirier right at 33 seconds of the 4th period. Another defeat of Gaethje, acting came out at UFC 218 in February 2017, in the third half, when he lost to knock-out against “King of the Floor” Eddie Alvarez with a heavy knee blow.

The rest, Gaethje, which usually quickly resolves the fate of the match in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd periods. American boxers have won 9 times in the first half, 7 times in the 2nd and 5 times. won the third half.

That speaks to the severity of Justin Gaethje’s attacks. And so, the UFC village began to recognize Gaethje with a different eye. Since the great fight and knockout out Tony Ferguson, the martial arts world began to name Gaethje with the nickname “Crazy Warrior”.

For the rest of 2020, Justin Gaethje heads to the biggest game of his career against Khabib Nurmagomedov. The “Crazy Warrior” currently owns a temporary light title after the victory at UFC 249. The goal of the American boxer is nothing but to defeat Khabib, so that the main road becomes the new king of UFC village.

In fact, the victory over Tony Ferguson was in Gaethje’s plan. The American puncher previously made statements against Khabib, with the goal of lowering the champion to become a new champion.

The martial arts village has long debated Khabib and McGregor, who is No. 1. But most likely after 2020, Gaethje will be No. 1.

As for Conor McGregor, Gaethje had many times before but the Irish “crazy guy” ignored. Now McGregor must ask for the upper house with Gaethje. In order to do so, McGregor will have to queue, because Gaethje’s goal now is only Khabib. Who knows, now is the time of “Crazy Warrior” Justin Gaethje.