What scenarios are for Conor McGregor after retirement? (Part 2)

4. Business

Not successful in the arena in recent years, but Conor McGregor is still comforted with the sudden growth from the Whiskey Proper No. Twelve. Conor’s Whiskey does not receive much praise from critics.

However, with a reasonable price and influence from a large fan base, Proper No. The Twelve are always sold out. Conor McGregor is very proud of this, and once compared the Proper No. The Twelve are like your “golden boy”.

In addition, men’s and women’s fashion and vest brands, Conor McGregor, are making a fortune. Therefore the ability of the Irish superstar to refrain from practicing to focus on business is not small.

5. Acquisition of shares of UFC?

Years ago, right at the time when UFC was about to change its name to the new WME-IMG owners, Conor McGregor had once asked to “split a cup of soup” in the deal, specifically the rights requirements of the UFC.

After the match against Floyd Mayweather, McGregor repeated that again. According to the Irish superstar, “boxers are having too few rights” at the world’s leading MMA tournament, while his appearance will almost certainly help each event surpass the number of 1 million pay-per-turn. -view.

Until now, Conor McGregor has not been granted the UFC shares as he expected, but now, when Conor has retired, nothing prevents him from becoming a shareholder of UFC.

6. Join WWE

Shortly after announcing his retirement in 2019, Conor McGregor’s tweet received a series of comments. Sympathy yes, regrets yes, gloating yes, … But particularly with the comments of WWE star, “demon king” Finn Balor is unique. In his comment, Finn Balor merely wrote: “See you at ‘mania, bro!”

Is Conor McGregor going to Wrestlemania? Will you be a guest like any other celebrity or will you join the wrestling village? Is the mania in Finn Balor’s comment Wrestlemania or something else?

In the past, UFC fighters changed their careers to WWE. Ronda Rousey had a successful appearance at WWE, after two consecutive defeats at UFC, this beauty did not hesitate to jump into professional wrestling and retired from the octagon cage.

Brock Lesnar was similar – after repeatedly failing at UFC, the former heavyweight king decided to return to his professional wrestling career. Will Conor McGregor become the next example?