What awaits the spectators in UFC Fighting Island

What can the audience expect from the enthusiastic Island Battle project of the UFC team and president Dana White on June 27.

June 27 is the deadline for UFC President to announce the official launch of the Fight Island project. Viewed as a response to the COVID-19 epidemic, UFC President Dana White put a lot of effort into implementing this plan.

International boxers

Since the first comeback on May 9, UFC has held a total of 4 events: 3 in Florida and 1 in Las Vegas. This is considered a great effort for the MMA community when many major tournaments in the US like NBA or NFL have not reopened.

However, the fact that only the boxers live in the US is also a problem with UFC when sooner or later, the number of fighters that can compete will not be much. Therefore, Fight Island is seen as a way to bring foreign fighters back. At this point, UFC can ensure the maintenance of the tournament despite the entry ban in the US has not been removed.

It is likely that, in the near future, the UFC’s non-American stars such as Conor McGregor, Israel Adesanya, Darren Till, or even Khabib Nurmagomedov … will all re-appear on Duel Island.

The ring between the beach and the massive facilities

With the working style of UFC and the ability of the Island to be a long-term venue of the tournament, surely, the facilities here will not be temporary. On the contrary, as a previous comment, Dana White also affirmed that the island has enough capacity to meet all the essential needs of boxers such as activities and training.

It can be seen that the Fighting Island will be the first time that UFC will bring its competitions out of the stadium with rows of full seats. This also promises a completely new feeling to the audience watching UFC through the small screen.

Ensure safety from COVID-19

Although the operation plan for the fighters on the Island has not been determined, it is likely that UFC will carry out all isolation and testing tasks directly in the time before and after the boxer. This will give UFC greater control if any issues arise.

After the planning and preparation time, the UFC certainly prepared every possible scenario for the Island of Fighting. Without announcing the exact location as well as the opening time and matches, the audience can still rest assured that this will be UFC’s unique project so far.