UFC continues cancelling 4 events due to COVID-19

On the morning of April 21, UFC officially announced the cancellation of two events including UFC Lincoln (April 25) and UFC Oklahoma (May 2). In addition, two events UFC 250 (May 9) and UFC Fight Night 175 (May 16) will be changed venue.

This is the second time UFC has announced to cancel events since its first announcement in mid-March. Along with the postponement of the organization UFC 249, finding the venue for UFC 250 and UFC Fight Night is a problem to be concerned.

Confirming the two events in mid-May will return to UFC headquarters in Las Vegas, Dana White’s statement was immediately denied by the state of Nevada. Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak has not yet lifted the social isolation requirement and the state Sports Commission has also refused to grant permission for sporting events.

A possible solution for UFC at the present time is the state of Floria on the East Coast of the United States. The state governor, Ron DeSantis, has allowed wrestling events to take place as “an essential sport.” However, UFC has not yet revealed the idea of ​​bringing its matches here.

President Dana White plans to build a Battle Island for UFC fighters

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, a series of UFC events have been postponed since mid-March. The largest MMA tournament on the planet has hatched the UFC 249 organization on April 19, but then had to “surrender”. at the last minute.

However, Dana White, the chairman of the tournament, decided not to back down. The American businessman is urgently building a “Island of competition” to bring the martial artists here to practice as well as compete.

In the future, UFC events will take place on an island

Currently, it is not clear where White chose to be the “Island of Fight”, but according to some sources, it is likely that this location is located on the edge of California. But despite completing the “Island duel”, tycoon village will still have a headache because it is not easy for foreign athletes to leave their homeland to America at this time.

White must be so enthusiastic because last year the largest MMA tournament on the planet agreed with his partner to hold a total of 42 events this year. Up to now, UFC has only completed 7 events.