Top 4 Knockout Of The Year UFC nominations 2020 (Part 1)

Four hits, from 4 different boxers, are so beautiful that longtime UFC fans have a headache to choose from. In fighting martial arts, knock-out means knocking out an opponent, usually hitting a heavy blow on the head to make the opponent faint, lose balance, it takes time to get up.

Taking the game down both shows the strength from the attack, and shows the superiority of the level against the opponent. The more knockout victories by a boxer, the easier it is to gain popularity and attract more fans.

Therefore, every year, UFC has selected the most beautiful KOs for the audience to evaluate and find a strike worthy of the title Knock-out Of The Year. Let’s take a look at the four nominations this year. Each year, the UFC chooses the most satisfying situation for the title Knockout Of The Year.

Every year, UFC has selected the most beautiful KOs for the audience to evaluate

A surprising punch from Cody Garbrandt

At UFC 250, Garbrandt surprised the entire audience with the right hook that made Raphael Assuncao collapsed on the floor. It was at the end of the second half when the last 10s chants were heard, Raphael approached the opponent with a kick in the abdomen.

Cody retreated close to the cage, hands lowered, focusing on the opponent’s reactions. When Raphael attacked again, he immediately countered with a terrifyingly strong right hook.

That hook was like punching Raphael aside, unconscious immediately before the bell rang, when the clock hit 4 minutes and 59 seconds of the second half, leaving the Brazilian puncher without a chance.

After the match, there were two comments about Cody Garbrandt’s KO phase. Some said that his punch carried both power and precision, suddenly bursting from the cage wall. On the contrary, the other side said that it was purely a “lucky shot” that Cody had at the end of the match.