The result of UFC 251 – Kamaru Usman holds the championship

Kamaru Usman vs. Jorge Masvidal will be the opening event of the UFC in July. In addition, this is also the first time the largest MMA tournament on the planet has conducted its matches on Fight Island – Decisive Island, a project prepared by UFC for so long.

Jorge Masvidal vs Kamaru Usman

Round 1: Usman quickly made Masvidal fall from the first 30 seconds of the match

The Nigerian champion played quite carefully and focused on controlling Masvidal. Masvidal proved quite struggling when trying to escape Usman’s grip. After nearly 2 minutes of hardship, Masivdal stood up. But not long after that, Masvidal was again in Usman’s control. The match continued to be under Usman’s control, Masvidal was struggling

Round 2: Usman still occupies most of the clinch time

Every chance of striking, Masvidal proved to be very dangerous. Especially the attack of Masvidal tons of tons always has a high risk of KO. Usman should not be subjective whenever the battle is about to change.

Round 3: Masvidal is taunting Usman in attacks

The Nigerian champion started playing the trick to reduce Masvidal’s movement in striking.

Masvidal is still very dangerous every time Usman loses control of his position. However, in terms of the number of attacks and control time, Usman is the dominant one. Masvidal time only revolves around striking.

Round 3 was interrupted when Usman attacked Masvidal. A great takedown by Usman. He watches the exact timing of Masvidal’s strike to shoot in. In the 1:10 minute, Usman gained control of the hip, a dangerous position in the face of a good grappler. An exact cross from Usman.

Round 4: The script still didn’t change much when Usman took most of the control

Masvidal had a feeling in every phase of Usman’s cage phase, he gradually launched effective shots. The scoreboard may be in favor of Usman but the chance of victory for Masvidal is not without. There have been challenges and arguments between the two boxers.

Round 5: Usman no longer rushed to search for takedown aggressively

However, the champion still does not give up the opportunity to knock down the opponent. Usman continued to the hip control position. He tried to mount but failed and had to return to control north south.

Until the last minute, the game was still in Usman’s control, Masvidal played more frantically in the last 30 seconds. The knee blow, the kick, the phase change is more fierce. Kamaru Usman won the match.