The Nevada Sports Commission shut down UFC’s hopes of returning soon

The announcement from the Nevada Sports Commission (NSAC) put UFC’s promise to fans in a “can’t go, either way, a step back step” stage.

Announced back on May 9 with a “terrible” Fight Card, UFC is looking to overcome other sports tournaments that are temporarily frozen due to COVID-19. Even president Dana White is confident to hold the event at UFC Apex – the complex of the tournament located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

However, this statement of White was immediately rejected by Mr. Bob Bennett – CEO of Nevada Sports Commission (NSAC).

This is not the first time Dana White has been “dumping cold water” by Sports Committees on its efforts. Initially when UFC 249 was rejected by New York, White sought to bring the events to UFC Apex before receiving a bang from Nevada. This is also the main reason why the tournament has to cancel 3 events at the end of March, early April causing many boxers to be affected.

And the last time, Dana White found a way to “circumvent the law” by bringing UFC 249 to Tachi Palace – a place not managed by the state of California. The UFC chairman continued to be pressured by Gavin Newson, the governor, to press ESPN (the Disney-owned company) to postpone the organization.

Previously, UFC announced plans to return on May 9

Just announced to postpone UFC 249 a few days ago, but UFC announced a return plan even more daring than before.

On April 10, UFC was forced to announce the postponement of the UFC 249 event because of pressure from ESPN and the state of California. However, tournament president Dana White has assured the safe organization of matches between the COVID-19 pandemic and promised to return as soon as possible.

And as promised, the latest statement from UFC did not disappoint the fans. On the morning of April 15, Dana White confirmed that the tournament was preparing for a comeback on May 9 – the date of the scheduled UFC 250 event.

Accordingly, the event on May 9 will be a combination of 2 Fight Cards of UFC 249 and UFC 250, with the removal of some Brazilian fighters who have visa problems to go to the US.

Currently, besides the expected matches, questions about the venue and how to organize the UFC are still the biggest questions. While “Duel Island” is currently only an unclear project, familiar addresses like Las Vegas, California all said no to UFC.