The Nevada Sports Commission shut down UFC’s hopes of returning soon

The announcement from the Nevada Sports Commission (NSAC) put UFC’s promise to fans in a “can’t go, either way, a step back step” stage. Announced back on May 9 with a “terrible” Fight Card, UFC is looking to overcome other sports tournaments that are temporarily frozen due to COVID-19. Even president Dana White is confident […]

Justin Gaethje officially replaced Khabib Nurmagomedov

Justin Gaethje has officially replaced Khabib to become Tony Ferguson’s opponent at the upcoming UFC 249. UFC President Dana White confirmed the news on Monday, shortly after the light defending champion Khabib Nurmagomedov canceled the match because Russia implemented a blockade. Dana White posted a tweet: “The match was signed, 100% certain to take place […]

Jon Jones was once again get arrested by the police

Jon Jones, a UFC heavyweight champion, has been detained by US police for involvement in drinking and gun use. An Albuquerque Police Department officer was following Jones’ car after hearing gunfire at about 1 am (March 26), police also said when approaching the car, there was a bottle of wine nearly empty. Police found a […]