Mike Tyson’s return match is rescheduled for November

With the decision of the match organizers, the audience will have to wait 3 more months to see Mike Tyson return to the ring.

Accordingly, instead of September 12 as originally planned, Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr will change the match date to November 28. The expected venue of the match will still be Carson City, California, USA.

Based on the information provided by the organizers to ESPN, the reason for the delay of the rooftop time of more than 2 months compared to the original is for “the organizers to secure international broadcast contracts and complete the sharing agreement. television royalties. “

Mike Tyson’s comeback match against Roy Jones Jr is expected to take place within 8 rounds. Under the permission of the California Sports Commission, the match will use 12oz gloves and compete in the form of a show – showing technique rather than having a win-lose factor.

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr will reschedule to November 28

Retiring in 2005, Mike Tyson had a time of post-career crisis and a dramatic breakdown. However, recently, the legendary heavyweight boxing puncher has returned with positive images and training methods.

On the side of Roy Jones Jr (66-9, 47 Kos, 51 years old) is considered the next generation right after Mike Tyson, but the 4-weight champion still plays until 2018 to decide to suspend his career. put on gloves. Currently, he runs the agency promoting Roy Jones Jr. Boxing Promotions in itself.

Why did Mike Tyson propose to move the match to the end of the year?

Mike Tyson’s team is still hoping that one day the US, the COVID-19 translation will be safe again. Legendary Mike Tyson recently signed a contract with another Boxing legend, Roy Jones Jr in September. However, recently, this match was postponed until November 28. Mike Tyson’s team believes that rescheduling this match will help the event maximize revenue.

As expected, Mike Tyson will face Roy Jones Jr. in a friendly match that did not focus on win-lose and lasted 8 innings. The match is scheduled to be held at Dignity Health Park, California without spectators. Mike Tyson’s team said that resigning the match at the end of the year would give the event the opportunity to hold a live ticket sale instead of having to fight as originally planned.