Looking back at the impressive images of UFC Fight Night Vegas

The UFC Fight Night Vegas ended with Colby Covington in the end. Despite being put in a dangerous situation in the strangling position of Guillotine, but Colby Covington still rose and defeated the former King Welterweight.

Expected to play more explosive, Tyron Woodley could not create any mutation before Covington. Even the former Welterweight champion continued to be caught up in the striking technique of playing, timing the exact fall from the opponent.

Towards the fifth half, a decisive situation occurred when Tyron tried to try to counter-attack from Covington with a guillotine choke. However, when he fell, Woodley suddenly complained of pain and asked to stop the match. A back or rib injury caused Woodley to give up, TKO victory is declared for Colby Covington.

Johnny Walker had a victory after 2 consecutive defeats

Besides, the once talented Johnny Walker also returned with victory after 2 consecutive defeats. The match took place with Johnny Walker‘s opening kick. Then, Ryan Spann tried to rush to knock Walker down so that both boxers kept each other in a clinch. The battle was going crazy and furious as Walker took a heavy left punch from Spann and fell.

Despite being at a disadvantage when being knocked down, Johnny Walker quickly got up and turned the tide. Because Ryan Spann rushed in so hastily, he accidentally fell victim to the series of attacks from Johnny Walker and received a bitter defeat. The results of UFC Fight Night always attractive and often unpredictable.

It is also flawed if ignoring Khamzat Chimaev’s incredible victory, the puncher is expected to become “Khabib ver 2.0”. This Russian-Swedish boxer has proven that he punches as well as wrestling.

Meeting Gerald Meerchaert at Fight Night 178, Khamzat Chimaev’s rival is no longer wet-legged boxers entering UFC. With 11 matches in the tournament and 5 squeezes, Meerchaert is considered a worthy open challenge when Dana White gives Chimaev consecutive tasks.

However, the “challenge” named Gerald Meerchaert is no better than the previous two boxers. Because after only 17 seconds in the first half, Khamzat only needed to hit one punch, knocking Meerchaert down, still struggling to find a way to start the match.