Justin Gaethje bruised at rehearsals with Kamaru Usman

Unexpectedly changing the gym while nearing the UFC 251 event, but it seems Kamaru Usman has no problem integrating at the new gym.

Looking ahead, at UFC 251, Kamaru Usman will defend Welterweight champion belt against Gilbert Burns at UFC’s “Fighting Island”. Before such a big event, Kamaru suddenly moved to the gym from the familiar Sanford MMA team, to Colorado to find coach Trevor Wittman.

Wittman is a famous Boxing coach in the MMA world, having trained many UFC champions, now prominent names such as Justin Gaethje and Rose Namajunas. Usman’s Wrestling style used to be considered too perfectionist and one color, almost like the previous Tyron Woodley champion, so defending Welterweight to a striking coach will probably be good news for fans. .

Recently, Justin Gaethje posted a sparring match between him and his new partner, Kamaru Usman. The difference in bodybuilding and strength has made Justin Gaethje face many difficulties, even the lightweight temporary champion did not bother to hide the “fatigue” when sparring with his tall partner.

It is known that Kamaru Usman and the upcoming opponent, Gilbert Burns are longtime friends. They practiced together from 2012-2013. Both boxers are students of Coach Henri Hooft and have honed their skills together for a very long time.

Kamaru Usman temporarily broke up with coach Henri Hooft because he wanted to focus on the match to protect the belt before teammate Gilbert Burns.

More than just a simple team mate, Burns and Usman often appear in training clips. Even, these 2 wrestlers have a wrestling background and this Jiujitsu also has the same vertical coach Henri Hooft.

Kamaru Usman’s decision to change his coaching team at the last minute showed his seriousness before his confrontation with his team-mate. The match will take place at UFC 251 – the opening event of UFC’s “Island of Fighting” on July 11 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.