Jon Jones was once again get arrested by the police

Jon Jones, a UFC heavyweight champion, has been detained by US police for involvement in drinking and gun use.

An Albuquerque Police Department officer was following Jones’ car after hearing gunfire at about 1 am (March 26), police also said when approaching the car, there was a bottle of wine nearly empty. Police found a pistol placed under a chair, and a bullet was fired.

Jones was released and asked to appear in court on April 9. In the past, the fencer with the nickname ‘Bone’ was arrested in 2012 for ramming a pier in New York. As a result, he was fined and stripped his license for 6 months.

Being the number one boxer of the Pound-for-pound (all weight classes) rankings at UFC, Jon Jones’ private life is also full of scandals, going to jail and committing crimes such as partying, racing, cursing the police.

In February 2015, just a month after the victory over Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones was warned by the US Doping Prevention Committee (USADA) after the discovery of cocaine in the sample. Not banned from playing but then Jon Jones caused a terrible accident.

After using stimulants, UFC Jones boxers passed the red light, causing a continuous accident that left a pregnant woman seriously injured. Do not stop this fist also fled indignant, then he himself to the police station head. Jones received an 18-year self-imposed sentence.

Fan was knocked unconscious by professional boxers

Previously, a German fan fell into a state of unconsciousness when trying the feeling of being locked by former world No. 1 boxer Jon Jones.

During a trip to Germany last year, the punchman Jon Jones went to a famous gym to practice and accidentally met a fan. Perhaps wanting to experience the true power of the UFC heavyweight champion, this man asked Jones to be a “white mouse” to perform an ancient lock.

Jones happily agreed and let the cheerleader fall into unconsciousness. The video shows that Jones took the initiative but his lock was still too dangerous. Fortunately, the fan woke up and still happily shook hands with American punches.