Conor McGregor to break the chance to rematch Khabib

President Dana White himself admitted he was preparing for a rematch with Khabib for Conor until he was stabbed in the back by the Irish puncher.

Only four text messages were revealed, Conor McGregor ignited the fiery divisions with Dana White. The conflict mainly came from scheduling inconsistencies between the two sides.

On the side of Dana White, the UFC chairman said he had planned to have Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor rematch later this year. The two boxers will face off in the form of coaches of The Ultimate Fighter season – the UFC talent selection program, before facing the ring.

However, when Conor McGregor revealed his private chat, Khabib from agreeing to participate immediately withdrew from this project of White. Perhaps the broken plan was the main reason why Dana White was so angry with Conor.

Dana White admits he planned to have Conor rematch Khabib

According to White, The Ultimate Fighter that he planned for Khabib vs. Conor 2 will be the 29th season of this reality TV show. Before that in 2015, in season 22, Conor McGregor also led his team against the boxers from Uriah Faber’s team, however, he only attended training without playing.

After disagreements with Dana White, Conor McGregor also called on Dustin Poirier – the second lightweight athlete to conduct a charity match organized by his own company. The match can take place in Dublin, Ireland without regard to Dana White.

At the same time, the UFC also confirmed to send a rematch contract between the two boxers, but Conor McGregor has not yet responded to this incident.

Floyd Mayweather asked for $ 300 million to rematch Conor McGregor

Superstar Boxing revealed the only number for him to return to the ring with UFC punchers like Conor or Khabib in the future.

When Conor McGregor and Manny Pacquiao announced their return the following year, audiences continued to wonder when the legendary Floyd Mayweather Jr, the most famous puncher of blockbuster matches, will return.

Since 2017, after the match with Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather Jr has never officially returned to the professional boxing ring (the match against Tenshin Nasukawa at the end of 2018 was just for show).

In early 2020, Floyd announced that it would reunite with UFC and President Dana White on a big project. However, the ex-wife and coach – the uncle Roger Mayweather, in turn, passed away caused Floyd to postpone his plans.