Conor McGregor signs a rematch with Dustin Poirier at UFC 257

After the waiting time, Conor McGregor also approved a rematch with former rival Dustin Poirier at UFC 257.

On the evening of November 19, information about Conor McGregor officially signed a rematch contract with Dustin Poirier spread across social networking sites.

Accordingly, as predicted before, the match will lead the UFC 257 event on 23 January 2021. The venue was targeted by President Dana White at Fight Island – ‘Duel Island’ of UFC in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Previously, conflicting information with the UFC about Conor’s own Dustin Poirier match made the audience worried about his return, however, the recent confirmation has reassured everyone.

Conor McGregor signs a rematch with Dustin Poirier at UFC 257

In the last match at UFC 246, Conor knocked out Donald Cerrone after just 40 in a match in the Welterweight category. According to president Dana White, his next rooftop will take place in the Lightweight light.

The match is expected to take place in the light weight where two boxers are ranked at the top. With Dustin Poirier, a puncher nicknamed “The Diamond” has just won against rival Dan Hooker in June to maintain 2nd place on the Lightweight chart.

The confrontation at UFC 257 will be an opportunity for Dustin Poirier to regain his defeat six years ago, when he lost to Conor himself after a knockout of just 1 minute 46 seconds at UFC 178.

The UFC cuts off their contract with legendary Anderson Silva after 14 years

The information was confirmed from the UFC when deciding to part with the medium-sized MMA monument Anderson Silva. UFC decided to liquidate the contract with Brazilian MMA fighter – legend Anderson Silva.

Thus, after 14 years since the first day of UFC in 2006, Anderson “The Spider” Silva will say goodbye to the largest MMA tournament on the planet – which has brought his name to the legendary boxer of the martial arts.

However, fans will not forget that he is the person who holds the record for the most consecutive UFC wins – 16 matches with the longest holding time: 2457 days. “Spider Silva” is also the champion of unifying the two biggest MMA tournaments in the world at the same time: Pride Championship and UFC.